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When I had my babies, I really wanted to fill the house with kids stuff that had that little bit extra. Extra style. Extra quality. And extra FUN hopefully! I love the idea of wooden toys, sustainably made using non-toxic paints and parts. Softies with a bit of character and cheekiness that can handle a tug or two! Blankets and baby toys that I'd be proud to present at my best friends baby shower. Basically things that will last through the tussles and tantrums and not make the house look like a two dollar shop exploded!
Now, a few years down the track, our house has a fair bit of plastic sparkle and there's alot of flashing revving things tripping us over. But my favourite things in the toy box, and the things I still love to give, are those with that something extra.
And that's what I hope you'll find here. That little something special for your sisters first baby. Or the something slightly different for the toddler that has everything. And above all, something with that bit of extra fun!
So happy shopping kids, both little and big. Keep laughing.
Sarah xo
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